Car Repair Assistance For Single Moms: How To Get (2023)

Car is an indispensable part of life not that luxury but it is a need. The car enables safe and comfortable communication which is important for single mothers, disabled and senior citizens, and other low-income people. Somehow car ownership has been possible but the cost of car repair may not be affordable and manageable for single moms.

There are different types of servicing and maintenance like new tires, tune-ups, transmissions, brakes, oil changes, and other needed servicing. This also costs single mothers a significant amount of money but it may not be affordable for them. For this, single moms need car repair assistance. When they don’t afford to go for car repair, it is common to believe that they are going to use public transport which is full of hassle.

So there are some resources that understand the need for car repair the single moms and low-income people. Part of this, there are government, non-profit organizations, and churches that help with car repair. If they can get such assistance, they can lead a smooth and safe life indeed. So, I have discussed so many issues on the importance of cars, car repair cost, car repair financial help, ways to find car repair assistance programs, and some programs for single moms. When you are a single mother and need car repair assistance, this is going to be a good read indeed.

Why Car Repair Is Important

Car is undoubtedly an important need for families, especially single mothers. Single mothers have children and they may be school-going. In this stage, they face many difficulties when coming and going to school in case they have to use public transport. Single mothers also need to go to Grocery shops, doctors visit, and go to the office on time. Single mothers have to face so much effort and difficulties when they are about to get on the public bus and get down with their children accordingly.

There are so many ways that lead to free cars for single mothers. Even though they may have low income but the need for a car is worth ensuring safety and security preventing any type of accidents and unexpected incidents. For this, so many governments and non-profit organizations understand the need for a car for single mothers to make sure they can have a better and safer life for single mothers and for their children.

When they have a car, this may have a fault and not be workable. Servicing, maintenance and repairs are common due to driving a car for longer time. In case any fault is detected, it is important to repair it as soon as possible. But this car is important for easy and safe movement and they need to repair for coming back to normal life.

Average Cost Of Car Repair

The car repair cost may be low to high and single mothers may not afford to manage this cost. The faults may be different and complicated because it can cost single mothers from $100 to $1000. This may be found that this cost may go beyond their capacity and this may affect the monthly budget of the single mother. So, there may be different types of costs and we are going to discuss them here.

  • The average car repair cost:the average car repair cost may come by $500 to $600 and it may be a huge amount of money for single mothers.
  • Average car maintenance cost:the average car maintenance cost may come by depending on the age of the car and the model of the car. The yearly cost of car maintenance may come by $792.
  • Some simple car repairs:three are some simple car repairs and this may also come with a huge amount of money. For example, a simple bumper replacement may cost you $900.

How To Find Car Repair Assistance For Single Moms

When people need assistance in terms of making their life smooth and happy, assistance is available. But this may depend on program availability and other factors. In the same way, single mothers’ need is considered as so urgent issue to make their life better and easier.

For this, some organizations and other government resources specifically target those people who need assistance badly and their reality is different compared to other people. So, single moms may need to search for such resources to make sure they can get car repair assistance as well.

  • Find online:Online search has been so easy to find anything. When single moms need car repair assistance, they may simply search for car assistance near me on the online platform and can explore so many resources to get started.
  • Find physically: After knowing some resources for free car repair assistance, single moms may visit the places where car repair assistance is provided. They may find some non-profit organizations near their location and need to visit those places. There is a non-profit organization branch in every community and first-hand help may be available there.
  • Reach out to the dear ones:When you have a friend or family member, you may frankly discuss this issue to make sure you can get car repair assistance. Your relatives and friends and family members may also know some resources that you are not finding right now.
  • Call 211:It is an emergency number that can get you a call and explain your need. When you have a request for assistance, you just call this number and get linked with resources directed by this number.

Resources For Car Repair Assistance For Single Moms

There is so much car repair assistance for low-income people including single moms. These assistance programs are run by the government, non-profit organizations, and faith-based communities. So, we are going to discuss such resources and you should check out their organization for more details.

Government car repair programs

When it comes to car repair assistance programs, the government also comes forward to help ill-fated people. There are some programs and these are managed by non-profit Organizations that are funded by the government.


JARC stands for job access and reverses commute and it is a federally funded program to make sure they can get car repair assistance. This program links with so many non-profit organizations and government funds to reach assistance to needy people. Some low-income people including single mothers have found this program essential because it assists people who don’t afford to go.

Additionally, those who are at a job and have to maintain an office schedule can get such assistance after applying. When single moms have a job and need to do car repairs, they reach out to this platform to get car repair assistance.

The Salvation Army

The salvation army is one of the most renowned non-profit organization and it is the name of the assistance. When needy people need assistance, they can contact the local salvation army center. When it comes to car repair assistance for single moms, there is assistance from this organization. It works with the government and reaches assistance to the less fortunate people.

Needy single mothers may get started with the Salvation Army and need to know their process of application. There may be certain eligibility criteria like income and other family conditions and you should follow such criteria as well.

The Carpenters Garage

Single mothers have so many ways to get help with car repair and the Carpenters Garage is going to be one of them. This is a non-profit organization that works with the federal government and ensures possible assistance for single moms in terms of car repairs. This organization highly believes that helping the needy is showing compassion to society.

There is a different types of services like engine tuning and oil inspection. There may be a little cost to carry such services and you may check out their ongoing program to make sure you can get car repair assistance from this place.

Other Car Repair Assistance For Single Moms

There are also some other places to go for free car repair assistance for single moms who need a car to work and drive on the road.

Workforce and vocational rehabilitation programs

Jobs and income are highly awarded in the community and by the government. Workforce and vocational rehabilitation programs are such programs that boost jobs for people. These types of programs may be available in your community and you may check out to get car repair assistance when you highly put importance on your job.

Ways to work free car repair help

Ways to Work is one the non-profit organizations and it extends helping hands to destitute people. When you are a single mother and need transportation assistance, you may get such assistance. There may be financial assistance to let you go for your car repairs. You just simply have such programs in your community to get car repair assistance.

The Lift Garage free car repair assistance

The Lift Garage is an auto helps and there may be car repair assistance for poor people. As single moms are low-income earners and they struggle with their growing spending. You may need transportation-related help and you may reach this place to get car repair assistance based on availability. This organization highly believes that helping the poor is great work and you can get such help from this place.

Women to work free car repair assistance

The single mother’s reality is different compared to other women. They struggle and have a very hard reality. When they work to lead her family, that is awesome. This effort is also inspired by different resources as well. This is the organization that works to empower single mothers and other low-income people. They may help you with what you need and it is especially about car repair assistance.

Veterans Administration Free car repair assistance

Veterans are real heroes for their service and sacrifice. The Veterans Administration provides a different types of support and assistance for veterans. When you are a veteran with a service-related injury, you can reach out to this administration to get help. There may be assistance with car repair, purchase of the vehicle, and other equipment-related support. Additionally, this also helps the veterans purchase equipment with the grant program.

Career Connection Free Car repair assistance

Career Connection is based in New Jersey and there are discounts on auto insurance for low-income people and qualified applicants. This program is local to make sure the local people can get help on car-related issues. When you are a single mom and need help with car repair, you can visit their website to get any assistance on your car depending on availability.

Domestic Violence Transportation

Domestic violence is common and so many single mothers face this hard reality. This violence is very critical for them and they have a tough reality in their life. When you are a victim of domestic violence, you may reach out to this program in your community. When you are in need of car repair assistance, you may explain how a car can make a difference in your life. This program may be reached in King County, Seattle, or Washington. You check out this program if you live in these places.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Recalls

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is known as NHTSA but they may not provide any assistance cars they may have resources for recalls so most recall-related car repairs. This can come as no money on your car repair. There is federal law and regulations and you may check out this program in detail and then go for the application.

Churches That Help Car Repair For Single Mothers

There are some churches that also come forward to help single mothers including other low-income individuals.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities is a faith-based community and it is easy to locate this faith-based community. It is lucky to know that this community always extends a helping hand to low-income people including single mothers. When you need car repair assistance that is so urgent, you may get assistance from this place. You just reach this place and know how they provide assistance for low-income people. If you are lucky, you may get car repair assistance as well.

Lutheran Faith in Action

Lutheran Faith in Action is also a faith-based community and they provide numerous assistance for the poor people living in the community. There may be car repair assistance when you are a single mom and it is so important to ensure safe transportation. You may reach out to the local Lutheran Churches for your need and help.

St. Vincent De Paul

The Society of St Vincent de Paul is also another church that may be located near you. St. Vincent De Paul is all across the country and you may reach for what you need. When you need car repair assistance, this may be available for your need when it is going to be so helpful for your life.

Auto Repair Good Guy Foundation

Auto Repair Good Guy Foundation is one of the foundations to make sure you can get free car repairs. If there is no help on car repair directly, they can direct you to trusted mechanics that provide free services. This foundation is based in Arizona and you may find it easily when you are living in this state.

A helping hand Ministry

The Helping Hand Ministry may be available for your need for car repair. When you are a single mom and need car repair assistance, you may contact this ministry to make sure you can get car repair assistance. This program is available in Atlanta and Georgia.

The Next Level Church

The Next Level Church may be another resource to go and it is located in Charlotte NC. This provides car repair assistance for single moms. Additionally, there may be other help such as labor for minors, auto repairs, and car repair services. You may check out their program when you need car repair assistance as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

So there are some questions about car repair assistance and we have listed and answered them to make sure you can know more.

Can single mothers get assistance with auto insurance?

When car repair assistance is urgent, they can get it from numerous resources. There is assistance with auto insurance as it is also another cost for the auto or car. Single mothers can take advantage of discounts, lowering deductibles if they can explain their reality right now. Additionally, single mothers can apply for state programs according to eligibility.

Are there low-cost or interest-free loans for single mothers?

There are non-profit organizations like a local credit union, and local banks that may provide low-cost or interest loans for car repair. As single mothers have a financial crisis, they can check out these programs when they can explain their devastating condition with growing costs and inability to pay the cost of car repair.

Are there grants for car repair assistance?

Yes, there are social services including DHS may provide grant money to go car repair assistance when it comes to emergency situations for single moms. There are also many government agencies that may provide grants for car repair as assistance. You may contact the government DHS office located near you to get assistance for you.

What is the process for applying for car repair assistance?

The non-profit organization highly works with the government as they get funds from the government and provide assistance. So, people including single mothers may apply to the non-profit organization when they need car repairs, maintenance, and transportation. To do that, they need to visit the website of the organization that deals with such assistance and there is a complete guideline to get started with an application.

How can Community Action Agency help me get car repair assistance?

Community Action Agency near may be a wonderful resource to get started. You may get tons of suggestions from this place on where to get started and how to get free car repair assistance. They help low-income families and other people with transportation assistance program which is available near your location.

Final Verdict

Car repair may be worth ensuring a happy and comfortable life. Single moms sometime struggle with limited income and they need car repair assistance with what they may feel. When you have a car, they can study and research some resources where car repair assistance is available. When you find such resources, you should check out their program, availability, eligibility, and another application process. After fulfilling all criteria, you can lead a happy life by getting car repair assistance.

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